Stig Kjeldsmark

Leadership development

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I care passionately about working with people and developing their potential. Developing individuals into leaders does not merely benefit the individuals themselves. Their team and the company they work for also reap the rewards. If I succeed in helping a person to evolve, it creates a ripple effect and has an impact on many other people that this person in one way or another is connected to..

It is important to understand our own patterns if we are to lead others: the patterns that help us succeed, but also those we are not so proud of. When we are aware of the patterns that lead us down an inappropriate path – or actually throw obstacles in our way – we can handle them. If we allow these patterns to simmer under the surface, we will always end up having to tackle them at the last minute – and mostly when it is too late.

I can help with:

  • Teaching and training of project managers, project participants, steering committees, etc.
  • Advice on and coaching in personal development
  • Development of leaders by mentoring
  • Creating positive dynamics in entire management teams
  • Ensuring better collaboration between team members
  • Giving lectures and presentations on personal development

About Stig

Stig loves meeting new, talented people – listening to them and learning from them. He worked as a manager in the financial sector for six years and also has three years’ experience as a mentor for leaders at middle management and executive management level. Stig’s path through the education system reflects his curiosity about people. He has participated in numerous leadership programs, is an NLP practitioner and is a qualified coach and master coach. He is also an Enneagram practitioner and is currently training to be an Enneagram master. In addition to spending time with his 19-year-old son, Stig is a photographer, plays in a rock band and is a keen runner.

Stig Kjeldsmark Stig Kjeldsmark