Just Bendix Justesen

Everyday implementation & strategic health

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I am passionate about project management, implementation and impact analysis of research and knowledge environments. And I care about making health a strategic component of company culture at workplaces, no matter where they are located – preferably as many as possible. This means that, in addition to offering employees healthcare programs, the organization also makes sure that its culture incorporates health into daily operations.

I have written a PhD on implementation of strategic and sustainable health in the workplace, focusing on health having an impact on our daily lives. To retain contact with the academic environment, in addition to my job at Promentum, I am affiliated with the University of Southern Denmark, where I conduct research on implementation and impact analyses in project management and health in the workplace.

I can help with:

  • Implementation training
  • Training in and support for project management and program management, e.g. structure, competence development and project implementation
  • Analysis of the impact of training and competency courses
  • Development and implementation of strategy in the health sector
  • Implementation of strategic healthcare in the workplace
  • Holding lectures on project management and strategic health in the workplace
  • Development of strategy

About Just

Just has extensive experience in developing and running large-scale implementation and research projects, in both the private and public sector. He holds an MSc in Sports Science, Health and Political Science from the University of Southern Denmark and a PhD in implementation and integration of strategic healthcare in the workplace. He is uniquely proficient in project management in research and knowledge environments – and in the health sector. Just is in the process of gaining IPMA certification, level B. In parallel with his position at Promentum, Just works as a researcher at the University of Southern Denmark and is an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen. He writes articles and books on strategic health and everyday implementation.

Just Bendix Justesen Just Bendix Justesen