Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen, Ph.D.

Psychologist and Senior Consultant

I facilitate decision-making and sustainable development in organizations through increased cultural awareness and collaboration across gender. The years I lived in the Middle East and the US taught me the value of looking at a situation from a different perspective. As a researcher I study how diversity is key to innovation and problem solving. I help organisations release this potential by uncovering implicit norms and securing a pipeline of future leaders through behavioural design and inclusive leadership.

I can help you with:
· Strategic advice on diversity and inclusive management
· Advice on better decision-making processes and neutralization of bias
· Organizational development and translation into behavioral design
· Cross-cultural inclusion and change management
· Team dynamics, recruitment and retention
· Coaching and assessment of managers
· Management that supports a sustainable corporate culture

Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen is a trained psychologist with a PhD. in cross-cultural diversity from Aarhus University. Since 2008, she has worked strategically with diversity and inclusive management in both Scandinavia and the Middle East to raise the quality of decision-making processes and strengthen sustainable management development.