Ann Graugaard Pedersen

Project management & project organization

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My starting point i always whoever I’m facing; whether it is the project manager, the boss or the organization. There are always people behind the impressive results. For me, it’s all about finding a place to start. About getting people to create a ripple effect, and inspire others in turn. About making the unmanageable manageable. So, for me, communication is without doubt one of our most important tools. I don’t tell people what they want to hear; I always consider how I can best help them create results in a good, and preferably simple, way.

I can help with:

  • Teaching and training of project managers, project participants, steering committees, etc.
  • Advice on communication in a broad sense; in-house, external and interpersonal.
  • Teaching and developing skills in people who work with project-related tasks.
  • Ensuring that change processes – and organizational development as a whole – are successful.
  • Establishing a development-oriented culture.

About Ann

Ann is particularly interested in strategic communication, in both projects and relations within and outside an organization. She holds an MA in Communication and has many years of experience as a communications consultant. Among other things, she has worked with political communication, project collaboration and development, crisis and conflict communication, media relations and change processes. Ann holds an IPMA and Whole Brain certification as well as a diploma in process management. What’s more, she is quite down to earth.


Ann Graugaard Pedersen Ann Graugaard Pedersen