Andreas Lindemann

Implementation, change management & organizational development

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I believe that the greatest potential in our society today lies in implementing much fewer changes. Changes should be fewer but have more meaning and depth.  This requires a special focus on employees and middle managers. I take a humble approach to an organization’s complexity. I apply my genuine curiosity when I ask the organizations I work with why they do what they do – and when we discuss other options for action.

I can help with:

  • Advice on change management at a strategic level
  • Advice on everyday implementation and help to design and implement change projects to ensure that they have a lasting effect
  • Implementation of a project culture and organization, including program and portfolio management.
  • Implementation of a leadership pipeline
  • Advice on and help with all HR-related services (MUS – employee development reviews/LUS – leadership development reviews/leadership evaluation/leadership development)
  • Advice on and assistance with evaluation and impact analyses (also of development processes, e.g. the Success Case Method)
  • Advice on development of teams
  • Process optimization
  • Strategy development

About Andreas

Andreas has extensive practical and strategic experience in working with projects and change management. He is a political science graduate from Aarhus University with 12 years’ experience in project management, implementation of strategy, development of new leadership concepts and teaching. He has worked with the Danish Police and the Danish National Institute of Social Research (SFI), among others, and is a long-standing advisor and external consultant. He is trained in systemic and narrative leadership and holds numerous certifications, for instance in Prince 2 and the Whole Brain preference profile. Andreas has two wonderful sons. And he is great company.

Andreas Lindemann Andreas Lindemann