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Sales – From physical customer meetings to virtual coffee meetings

If you want to be successful with the virtual customer meetings, then it not only requires a good connection and the physical setup – it also requires a mental adjustment, both with the seller, manager – and with the customer. And the latter you are co-responsible for joining the journey.
We do not live in the illusion that virtual meetings can replace the physical meetings – but we believe in the combination. And this is important, especially in our current situation with Corona – but it will also be in the future when we are affected by similar obstacles – whatever the reason.

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Get High Performance Teams, also in Corona

Couldn’t it be great if you could see on your employees and team members, how the best way to motivate, approach and help them is? Well actually you can – and even get “Corona behavior” and how to get through the difficulties that brings us. The Corona situation has not been “good to us”, but…

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